My Desert Circuit: Meet Tessa Backman

by | Feb 28, 2021 | My Desert Circuit, Press Release | 0 comments

Photo ©️ Sydney Lowe Photography

Meet Tessa Backman! This Utah native has been riding horses since she was eight years old. Originally a Western rider, Tessa has just recently switched to jumping and trains under Cammi Gustaveson of CG Show Stables. She now competes in the .70m jumper divisions. We had the privilege of catching up with Tessa to talk about what makes riding and this week so special for her. 


DIHP: How did you get into riding?

TB: I started riding Western when I was 8 and took lessons and did 4-H up until I was 18. I started taking jumping lessons a year ago and this is my first show.


DIHP: How is your first show going?

TB: It is kind of mind blowing. I have heard from everyone about how it is but I got here and I was like ‘wow this is so much bigger’. In Utah, there is not a lot of jumping. It is crazy to see how many horses are here and all the different trainers and everything.


DIHP: What has been your favorite part about showing here at the horse park?

TB: Probably watching everyone else show. I have enjoyed learning and showing myself but I love watching all of my friends show as well.


DIHP: What is your favorite thing about your barn?

TB: We are all friends. We will hang out after we ride and we aren’t competitive against each other at all. We just cheer each other on all the time and it is always so positive. 


DIHP: Who do you look up to in riding?

TB: My trainer Cammi and my friend Kayleigh because they are awesome and they always encourage me to keep doing better. Even when I mess up, they tell me I did a good job. We don’t bring out any negatives.

Photo ©️ Sydney Lowe Photography

DIHP: What are goals you are working towards?

TB: I’m looking into buying a horse this next year, hopefully. Other than that, just getting better and moving up the levels. 


DIHP: What is your favorite memory from riding?

TB: It all comes back to my friends that I have made. They have always been there to support me and it means the world. They have helped me get to this point, you know? We all have hard rides and we get down on ourselves but they are always there to encourage me and that truly has been the best part.