Limitless Performance at DIHP

 DIHP welcomes a new Sports Performance Facility run by Wellington private trainer Mikerlange Barthelemy. Daily and monthly access options will be offered to fit every athlete’s needs onsite at DIHP. Limitless Performance at DIHP will welcome new staff members Kate Gfroerer, Limitless Pilates Instructor, and Davante Wiltshire, Limitless Trainer and Gym Manager. Access can be purchased online using the form below, in person at the facility, or at the horse show office.

The facility is complete with an open gym filled with cardio and weightlifting machines, plus locker rooms and changing rooms, and space for personal training and Pilates sessions. The gym will be staffed with an attendant from 7am until 3pm every day, and electronic access will be granted for all other open hours.


Hours of Operation :
Monday: 5am-5pm
Tuesday: 5am-7pm
Wednesday: 5am-7pm
Thursday: 5am-7pm
Friday: 5am-7pm
Saturday: 5am-7pm
Sunday: 5am-7pm

Contact to inquire about access options. Contact Mike at 561-853-6487 or to schedule private training sessions.

About Mikerlange Barthelemy of Limitless Performance:

Barthelemy launched Limitless Performance in 2017 after working personally with equestrian athletes in the Wellington, FL, area. “They kept coming back to work with me,” Barthelemy said of the riders who came to see him during his time as a personal trainer at LA Fitness. “They needed something in that world. My goal was to create a gym that caters to riders and can highlight the sport and talent. I wanted to help the riders become better athletes and better people, mentally and experientially.”

Barthelemy realized he couldn’t best help equestrians without learning to ride a horse himself.
“I learned to ride so I could understand the balance of the horses, the rider’s posture, how in-sync a rider can be with a horse, and how to identify weaknesses on and off the horse,” he explained. “It took a lot of education and still every day I’m learning new things to help better my riders and clients. I want to be the best to ever do it in this sport. Every day I shuffle my equipment and methods to make things more interesting. I want them to have fun and enjoy the atmosphere.”
While his business is now curated to equestrians, he is a well-rounded fitness expert with experience in all realms of strength and conditioning. He can train professional athletes for top competition while also creating custom workout plans for the average person wanting to get in shape, meaning he will provide programming for everyone who visits DIHP.
Among athletes Barthelemy has trained is Mexican Olympian Eugenio Garza Perez. Through Barthelemy, Garza has taken his fitness to the next level, allowing him to reach major goals in the saddle, including a top-five finish in the 2023 Rolex Grand Prix of Aachen.