My Desert Circuit: Meet Lexie Looker

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Lexie and Dot Com competing in the Amateur-Owner Hunters Photo © ESI Photography

From her amateur-owner hunter rounds, equitation rides, and her jumper classes, Lexie Looker is one busy girl. She has devoted her life to horses and enjoys every second of it. Growing up, her parents rode and that sparker her interest from the very beginning. She has competed in everything from the pony divisions as a young child to now competing in the amateur-owner hunters. She has even started to buy, develop, and sell her own horses.

We were able to catch up with Lexie between her DJ-ing gig at the horse shows and her competition rounds.

Lexie and her jumper Gentle

DIHP: What horses do you have and what do you compete in?
LL: I compete with Dot Com, Wilten’s Bubblegum, Quanto Fino 2, Gentle, and Chaperon in the AO Hunters and Jumpers, as well as the adult equitation and medals.

DIHP: How did you get started with horses?
LL: Both of my parents rode and were in the horse world, so I started riding at a very young age and have always been around horses.

DIHP: What has been your biggest accomplishment in your riding?
LL: Some of my most memorable accomplishments were being USEF National Champion with Paddington in the Junior Hunters two times, and earning WCHR National Champion on him in the Junior Hunters at Capital Challenge. Ending up fourth in the Taylor Harris medal finals with Winfield was a huge accomplishment as well. It wasn’t one of my goals at all throughout the season and I went in the class to get extra ring time while we were back at indoors. Having such a great result was a wonderful surprise.

Lexie and her horse Paddington, champions at DIHP in 2019

DIHP: Who do you look up to in your riding and why?
LL: I’d say I look up to Will Simpson, Richard Spooner, and Eric Navet. I started doing the jumpers a bit late and it’s something I’d like to focus on more. All three of them are exceptional horsemen and watching them ride and compete is a riding lesson in itself.

DIHP: You enjoy buying and producing horses. Why have you chosen to do that and what has been your favorite experience with that?
LL: Honestly it kind of happened by accident! We bought one horse – Grande Impression – for me to have a fun project. By the time he was flying over, buying just one horse turned into four, which has now turned into thirteen! My favorite experiences have been with Dot Com and Deja Blue. Deja Blue earned a tricolor with us nearly every time he showed and has continued to do so with Balmoral. 

DIHP: What do you love most about showing?
LL: My favorite thing about this sport is the bond I have with all of my horses. They mean more to me than my friends and family. Earning their trust and creating that relationship with them is what I cherish most.

Lexie and her mom Tonia competing in the inaugural Family Class at DIHP

DIHP: What is your favorite part about showing at DIHP?
LL: I love that the new management has tried to make every ring feel special, including beautiful new jumps in the Hunter rings, the new lighting and video screen in the GP ring, and beautiful landscaping all the way to Hunter 7. I also love that they’ve added more arenas and bridle trails around the property. The family and team classes they’ve added into the schedule are great, too – those classes are offered a lot more on the east coast so it’s nice to have them here. Of course DJing at DIHP at the end of the day is always a blast, too!

DIHP: What has been your fondest memory showing at DIHP?
LL: My fondest are winning the inaugural family class at DIHP, placing 8th with Gentle in the CPHA Style of Riding medal finals two years in a row, and ending up in the top ten with Wilten’s Bubblegum at the PCHA Medal Finals last season.