My Desert Circuit: Meet Anna Kotler

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Anna Kotler is a talented junior rider competing in the junior hunters and equitation under the tutelage of her trainers Nora and Morgan Thomas. With fellow equestrians in the family, Kotler has been around horses her whole life. We caught up with the Washington native after her rounds to talk about all things horses and horse showing.  


DIHP: How did you get into horses?

AK: My mom used to ride, she has been riding since she was a teenager. I have an older sister and she started riding and I have been riding since day one and now here I am.


DIHP: What is your favorite thing about horse showing?

AK: I love being with my friends and my horses. Just the relationship and being able to go in the show ring is my favorite. Just having that bond and I love jumping so it is very fun to do.


DIHP: What is your favorite thing about your horses?

AK: One of my horses, Simon, he is so silly. He is literally the bravest horse ever. He would go in wind storms and rain storms, any kind of storm and he would jump everything. Boss is so sweet. He will also jump anything and he really loves cookies no matter what.

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DIHP: What is your favorite memory with your horses?

AK: With Simon, it would be in the Taylor Harris, I scored a 90. On Boss, during the National Sunshine Series, I won the PCHA Jr/Am 2’9 Medal Finals. 

Want to read about Anna’s win in the PCHA? Visit our website here to catch up on all the action. 


DIHP: What is the most exciting thing showing out here at the Desert International Horse Park?

AK: The Desert Horse Park is just the most beautiful show grounds ever. It is huge, there are so many fun things for you to do, the people are great, everyone is so kind, the arenas are beautiful, there is the fun trail, it is all just so amazing. 


DIHP: Who do you look up to in riding?

AK: My trainers, Nora and Morgan Thomas and Tori Vova. They really inspire me and are truly amazing. They all just ride so well and demonstrate what it is like to be such a kind human and how to be a really good role model. 

Photo ©️ Grand Pix Photography