My Desert Circuit: Meet Ashlin Goodwin

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Photo © ESI Photography, courtesy of Natalie Goodwin

Ashlin Goodwin is a twelve-year-old equestrian based in Santa Barbara, CA. Hailing from equestrian roots, her grandfather, her grandmother, her mother, and her brother are all involved in the sport. Her mother, Natalie Goodwin, is the owner and head trainer of High Flying Farm. Aside from competing, Ashlin is also a certified miniature therapy horse handler and travels to hospitals and senior centers with her mini horse, Cornelia.

We were able to catch up with Ashlin between her rounds in the Child Equitation 2’3” and her .80 Non-Pro Jumper and Pony Jumper classes to discuss her horses, Pony Finals, and her goals with riding.


DIHP: What is your favorite part about riding?

AG: I like the horses, they’re super sweet. They try to help you out. Sometimes when I get not-so-great distances on my pony, she’ll jump it for me and helps me get over.


DIHP: Can you tell us a little about your horses and what you ride them in?

Photo © ESI Photography, courtesy of Natalie Goodwin

AG: I personally have one pony, Sadie [Tippy Toes], who is mine. I also ride other horses if they need to be ridden and show them so we can see how they’ll be in the show arena. I ride in the Hunters and in the Jumpers. Those are the main divisions I ride in, but sometimes I will do flat classes.

Sadie is a very large pony. She’s super sweet and likes jumping. She helps me out a lot on the jumps. She can also do Hunters. I’ve won the Louise Caccess Sportsmanship Award with her and I got a trophy for a year!


DIHP: What is your favorite thing about horse showing?

AG: I think the experience and getting to try new things and learning by doing it. 


DIHP: Who do you look up to with riding?

AG: My mom. She’s hard working and kind. She takes really good care of the horses.


DIHP: What are your goals for this year?

AG: I am aiming for the Pony Jumper Finals [at USEF Pony Finals]. It will be my first time. 


DIHP: What got you into Pony Jumpers?

AG: I had another pony named Shammie. He and I competed in the Jumpers first. There is another girl at our barn who rides in the Jumpers and saw how much fun she was having. My mom said I could do it, but at first I was worried about how long the courses were. After I got into it, I found out that the courses were pretty easy to remember for me. I have always just liked going faster too. 


DIHP: Where do you see yourself with riding five years from now?

AG: I hope to be helping my mom out, teaching some lessons, and jumping higher with my horses while learning more about the sport!