DIHP Precautionary Biosecurity Protocols

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At the present time, there has only been a single confirmed case of EHV-1 associated with an equestrian event in the United States. USEF has confirmed this case occurred in Ocala, FL and the horse was not on show grounds at the onset of symptoms. There have been no recorded cases of EHV-1 at DIHP and no horses are currently exhibiting neurologic symptoms of EHV-1. In consultation with USEF, WEF, and our show vets, out of an abundance of caution and to do our part to reduce the risk of events in Europe and Ocala, we are implementing the following protocols.

  1. Horses currently arriving from Europe or scheduled to arrive from Europe will not be allowed on the property. Horses that arrived from Europe within the last fourteen days and are not currently on the show grounds will not be allowed on the property. After fourteen days from arrival have passed as long they have not recorded an elevated temperature and/or exhibited neurologic signs they will be allowed on the property. 
  2. Horses that have been in the State of Florida in the last fourteen days will not be allowed on the property. After fourteen days from departure from Florida, if the horses have not recorded an elevated temperature and/or exhibited neurologic signs, they will be allowed on the property. Horses currently in Florida will not be allowed on the property during the remainder of Desert Circuit. Horses that have already arrived from Florida should be closely monitored as outlined below.
  3. No daily haul-ins will be allowed until further notice. Horses at local facilities will not be allowed on the property unless they have stall arrangements and are already on-site.
  4. Anyone shipping horses into the facility will be required to complete a declaration prior to arrival regarding the horses being shipped. This declaration will require the trainer/barn to certify that the horses are not coming from Europe or Florida within the last fourteen days, have not had an elevated fever, exhibited other neurologic symptoms of EHV-1, and have not been exposed to a known horse with EHV-1 or symptoms of EHV-1. The declaration sheet will be available at the show office and on our website and should be submitted to ashley@deserthorsepark.com for pre-approval 24 hours in advance. If you have a shipment of horses scheduled to arrive tomorrow, Thursday, March 4th, please contact Ashley.
  5. Starting Monday, March 8, any horses shipped onto the property will also be required to have a health certificate or statement on official licensed veterinarian letterhead and dated within 5 days of arrival. The veterinarian statement must document the horse has received its regular vaccination requirements and has not been exposed to or shown symptoms of EHV-1 within the past 28 days. Please note: temperatures MUST be on the health certificate for all horses. 
  6. Horses stabled on the property will be required to have their temperature checked twice a day, before 10 am and after 3 pm. Any horse on the show grounds with a fever of unknown origin or of suspicious origin must be reported to the show vet and DIHP show management.
  7. We encourage everyone to review the recommended USEF protocols provided in the attached link. The protocols will also be available at our show office and on our website.


We appreciate everyone’s cooperation as the sport deals with the current EHV-1 challenge. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.


Steve Hankin

President & CEO, Desert International Horse Park


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