Dear Desert Horse Park community,

Over the last few days we have received the final set of tests that we were waiting for on the horses that remain in isolation and quarantine, as well as any horses on the property with reported fevers.

The two remaining horses in isolation were swabbed on Monday and tested today. Both tests came back negative. As a result, both horses will be released from isolation.

The remaining barns under quarantine were released on Saturday and Monday. No barns are under quarantine at this point.

The State has officially ended their regulatory oversight of the horse park.

Two horses, one symptomatic and one asymptomatic, have been tested in the last five days and both were negative. The symptomatic horse has been febrile for a week or so and is under veterinary care. We are supporting and will continue to support efforts in the care of this horse. At this point, the care of this horse does not impact our status with the State.

This will conclude our EHV-1 updates. We thank everyone for your support as we navigated this very challenging situation. We wish all of you a safe return to competition when appropriate, and an enjoyable spring and summer.