Mark Kinsella & Florado VS Romano. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

Mark Kinsella believes the work in the stable is what built the foundation for many of his wins this season at Desert International Horse Park (DIHP), including his most recent, in Wednesday’s $10,000 1.35m RunAmok Welcome Speed to kick off Desert Circuit V.

“The organization and management is [key],” Kinsella said of his program, MK Equestrian. “As long as we do our job there, [the jumping] is the easier part. You have to do your homework. Attention to detail is so important and stable management is so important. There should be no stone unturned so they can excel as best they can.”

Mark Kinsella & Florado VS Romano in their winning presentation, pictured with Amy Belisle. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

Both of Kinsella’s mounts in Wednesday morning’s class excelled, to say the least. He had two rides in the class of 34, and the Irishman claimed first and second. His winning ride, Florado VS Romano, a 13-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding (Corland x Indoctro), went late in the order and just edged out his other mount, Alexis Taylor’s La Capitol by one-tenth of a second. Kaitlin Campbell and Ilan, owned by SWS Training & Sales, claimed third.

“This horse is quite new to me,” Kinsella said of Florado VS Romano. “He’s owned by my business partner in Europe, Tal Milstein, and we showed him the last couple weeks a little bit softer, to not put too much pressure on him and give him some experience. He’s a really nice horse. I feel confidence and he fights for me. I’m just trying to get to know him but he seems like a really cool horse and he wants to win.”

Mark Kinsella & La Capitol. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

The track Kinsella took on both horses was tidy and efficient, but it came down to the type of horse that proved to be the class winner. “He has a phenomenal length of stride,” Kinsella continued about his winning mount. “My other horse was in the lead, and honestly I didn’t think I was going to be able to catch that one, so it just shows that this guy has a big stride and covers the ground easily.”

As part of the impressive slate of National show jumping on the Desert Circuit schedule, Kinsella has excelled throughout the jumping program this season at DIHP.

“My best horse, Quality H, is going to [jump] National again because I like that idea for him. The National grand prixs have some added bonuses so I’m going to keep him there. I’ll try to gear up and do a little FEI in the third [part of Desert Circuit]. I’m really enjoying my time in the desert here with him and with all my horses. We’re having a great time. We love it here in the desert. So far so good,” Kinsella said.

Kaitlin Campbell & Ilan. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

Fellow countryman and Irish Olympian Cian O’Connor had once said, “I may not be the best rider but I am the most organized.”

Kinsella, having worked for O’Connor for nine years, is well versed in an organized system. “I’m just in awe of his program, so I’ve tried to replicate it a little bit,” he explained. “With bringing Michael [Williamson] onto my team, I have Amy [Belisle] as my main manager and she helps with the logistics. There’s no point to cut corners if you want to do it at the highest end you possibly can. I want to keep developing horses, selling horses, riding good horses and training clients.”

Show jumping continues Thursday with the $30,000 FarmVet 1.45m Open Classic and the first of four FEI classes, the Morning Star Sporthorses 1.40m Two Phase.

$10,000 1.35m RunAmok Welcome Speed

1. Florado VS Romano / Mark Kinsella / Tal Milstein Stables / 0/62.687
2. La Capitol / Mark Kinsella / Alexis Taylor / 0/62.756
3. Ilan / Kaitlin Campbell / SWS Training & Sales / 0/63.461
4. Ikonic PB / James Chawke / Vanessa Mannix / 0/65.176
5. Zirkana Adelheid Z / Bretton Chad / Stone Ridge Farms LLC / 0/65.391
6. Sherlina Ale / Jeffrey Fields / Sahana Ganesan / 0/67.644
7. Messi 10 / Uma O’Neill / O’Neill Show Jumping LLC / n0/69.433
8. Capella Van De Poenjaard Z / Saree Gordon-Solanki / Tomboy Farms / 0/69.781
9. Contana / Wendy Brownlee / Wendy Brownlee / 0/74.084
10. Canturion Das Umburanas / Daniella Sternberg / Londyn Wright / 0/76.340
11. Gamble / James Chawke / James Chawke / 4/63.964
12. Ielinea JTL / Jaydan Stettner / Jaydan Stettner / 4/65.753