Dear Desert Horse Park friends and family,

On June 9, 2022, at the Upperville Horse Show in Virginia, Kim’s horse stumbled after a jump and fell to the ground, taking Kim with him. The resulting spinal injuries include compression and misalignment of C3, C4, & C5, and a fracture to one of the vertebrae. Kim was immediately air-evacuated from the horse show to Inova Hospital in Fairfax, Virginia, which boasts an incredible trauma unit.

Surgery was performed, putting rods, screws, and plates into her neck for support and stability. Within 24 hours, Kim showed some very modest progress. Nonetheless, Kim’s recovery will be a long, slow process requiring lots of rehabilitation and hard work so she can re-learn how to use her body and with all our support regain fine motor skills.

Kim is surrounded by a large, caring community in the horse show world as well as her daughter, Lydia, and a cadre of close friends. Kim needs our help. I’ve learned as Chair of The Kevin Babington Foundation, with David Beisel’s injury and others, it’s costly.

For those of you who might not know Kim well, over the years Kim has participated on 20 Nations Cup teams and 3 World Cup Qualifiers wins. Not that long ago she was the top American in the World Cup Finals in Las Vegas, finishing fifth. She has represented the United States on teams in Aachen Germany, Hickstead England, LaBaule France, Rome, St. Gallen Switzerland and more. She is a consistent leader in Wellington and a fixture and friendly face in our Sport.

Please join us to gather the resources Kim will need as she fights to get back on her feet, and then back in the ring. Together, we can clear the path to recovery. Please hit the donate button, and you’ll receive an authorized 501(c)(3) tax certification and letter so you can take it off your income tax. Kim needs our help so please open your hearts and click the button below to donate.

The Babington Foundation will keep all of you appraised of Kim’s progress. Thank you.

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