We have had three confirmed cases of EHV1 Non Neurologic at the horse park. The three horses were immediately quarantined and are under bio security restrictions. Representatives from the State of California Veterinary Office have been involved in all decisions being taken. The one tent where the three horses were located is now under mandatory quarantine. All other operations of the horse show are cleared to continue to operate. All three horses are under veterinary care and are doing well.

We have attached information from the California Department of Food & Agriculture. We are working closely with the CDFA and the USEF on all elements of our program. All three horses were immediately isolated and are doing well under the care of veterinarians. Tent 34 remains isolated and additional biosecurity measures, including fencing, will be in place this morning. We appreciate your continued support as we work through this situation. We will proactively communicate any relevant updates. We will proactively communicate any additional relevant updates. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through info@deserthorsepark.com.


CDFA DIHP EHM Update 20220211