We are excited to get underway with Desert Circuit! We wanted to provide a few, but important updates are you make your way to the desert.

  1. Just add some more stalls – We know some of you didn’t get stalls or the stalls you wanted or enough stalls. And the common refrain is “just add some more stalls” (we did add a few).  In short, the limiting factor in the number of stalls is our show day. Our goal is for the vast majority of our show days to start at 8 am and end by 4:30 pm. We know we can’t always do this but it is our goal. And we know it is what you want. So, in the end, while we may have space, we are limited to 13 competition rings plus the grass field. Over the last two years we have upgraded to ensure as many of our stalls are now 12×12. In fact, 84 percent of our stalls are now 12×12. We’re proud of this because it is good for horses. In the few remaining tents that have smaller stalls, we have increased the aisle width to 15 feet, so we have fewer stalls in those tents than before. This will be the last year of smaller stalls and next year we’ll only have 12×12 stalls. 
  2. We have made some additional improvements – Some big, some small. You’ll find new footing in three more rings Jumper 2, Jumper 3 warm-up, and Jumper 4. We have changed the fencing on each ring to wood for the tractor entrance. You’ll find new shade at Hunter 1 and a new Pony VIP at Hunter 7. We have upgraded the Parlanti bar. And importantly, built a new parking lot on the northeast corner of the property to the right when you come in the stable gate. We think you’ll be happy with how the horse park looks and works. 
  3. Patience will be needed – Unfortunately, we are not immune to the challenges of running a business right now. We are short staffed and a few projects, like the expansion of the RV park are a bit behind. We appreciate your patience as we continue to strive to provide a great experience for everyone. 
  4. COVID and credentials – We think it is important for safety and security to have credentials for access to the horse park. Starting now, you’ll be able to download a photo after you complete the credential application process on our website. You can email your photo to credentialphotos@gmail.com with your name, phone number, and your role at the horse park, e.g., trainer, vendor, exhibitor. We’ll then produce your badge and can pick it up at the show office window. 

We are in the final stages of securing a COVID testing site for the property. More on this to come. 

PS – Speaking of the grass field – Stay tuned, we will be expanding the schedule on the grass field for Week 4 and 7. 

Time to show!!