Dear Desert Horse Park competitors,

We received the results back on four tests from the CDFA for samples sent in yesterday.

Three of the four tests were for horses that had previously tested positive and were being retested for their status. All three of these horses tested negative. One is being released from isolation. The other two will be retested shortly and, if negative, they will also be released from isolation.

The fourth test result was for a horse that had previously tested negative. This horse has now tested positive and will be moved to isolation.

We have submitted twelve tests to the CDFA for testing tomorrow. Of these tests, only one is for a new horse with an elevated temperature. Nine of the tests are horses that previously tested positive and are being evaluated for their trend. Two horses that were tested today were horses that previously tested negative.

We have one new horse with an elevated temperature that was swabbed today, late in the afternoon. This sample will be included in what is sent to the CDFA tomorrow. We anticipate the lab will be open on Saturday so we should receive tests back on Saturday evening.

CDFA has also released a letter of caution from the State Veterinarian regarding all equine events occurring in California within the next 28 days. The letter can be found here.

We will have a town hall meeting in VIP at 11 am tomorrow.