Dear Desert Circuit competitors,

We submitted 11 samples to the CDFA lab yesterday for testing.

One of the horses was being tested for the first time, after exhibiting an elevated temperature yesterday. That test has returned with a negative result. The horse will be retested on February 27.

One of the horses tested was a horse that had previously tested negative and was going through its second test for confirmation. That horse has now tested positive and will be moved to isolation.

The other nine tests were for horses that had previously tested positive for EHV-1. Seven of these horses tested negative and two horses remained positive.

Two of the horses that tested negative had their second consecutive negative test, separated by seven days. These horses are now cleared to leave isolation, our first two horses to leave isolation. The other five horses will be retested in seven days.

We had four new horses with elevated temperatures that are currently being tested. We do not have an expected date for results yet because of the weekend.

In addition, 13 horses in quarantine have now gone 14 consecutive days without symptoms and will be released from quarantine. As we have stated, these horses will remain separated from the general horse population and watched carefully.

We are disappointed to announce the decision to cancel the remaining competitions for this season (Desert Circuit Weeks V to VIII and Desert Dressage IV) at Desert International Horse Park. We love horses and horse shows. But for now, our focus has to be on the care and safety of the horses here under isolation and quarantine and for those horses needing a home during this infection. The horse park will remain open for all of these horses, especially those unable to find an appropriate place for further quarantine or where transport creates additional risk, until we are through this infection. We will take every precaution to continue to protect the horses here until we close for the season.

We’ll be back in the fall for the 2022/2023 season and look forward to welcoming everyone back.

We will again host a town hall tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. in VIP to answer any questions.