Thermal, Calif. –  Jun. 3, 2022 – Desert International Horse Park (DIHP) is pleased to announce the addition of the Onondarka Medal Final to its expanded 2022 schedule. 2022 marks the 60th year for the Onondarka Medal Final, open to riders aged 12 and under. The event is renowned for identifying talent at a young age and providing a stage for young riders to shine. The coveted class will be held during National Sunshine Series II in November 2022.

Avery Glynn, winner of the Onondarka Medal Final in 2017, has gone on to win countless Platinum Performance/USET Show Jumping Talent Search Medal classes as a top junior rider. Photo by ESI Photography

The final will be held over two days at the 3’ height level in Hunter 2, beginning with a preliminary round Saturday, November 12, then a secondary round Sunday, November 13, with the 12 highest scoring riders from rounds one and two returning to the ring a second time Sunday to compete in a final round followed by a work-off to determine the top eight.

The Onondarka Medal Final joins other prestigious equitation classes held at DIHP throughout the season including CPHA Style of Riding Jumper Championship, NCEA Junior Hunter Seat Medal Finals, and the Ronnie Mutch Equitation Classic. The Onondarka Medal was established in 1962 with the mission of furthering principles of classical horsemanship for equestrians 12 and under. Previous winners of the coveted class include Mavis Spencer, Susie Hutchison, Francie Steinwedell, and Lise Quintero.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Onondarka Medal to its new home at DIHP,” remarked Steve Hankin, President and CEO of DIHP. “We value the efforts made by Californians to teach proper equitation from a young age, including the values of horsemanship they will carry with them through their careers, and we look forward to helping produce top riders from the West Coast.”

“It makes us proud to see the legacy of the Onondarka Medal Final carry on at its new home at Desert International Horse Park,” remarked Don Simington and Cindy Simington of Onondarka. “We believe the values built into the class align perfectly with those of DIHP and we look forward to seeing young riders work towards this goal in the 2022 season and beyond.”

[lgc_column grid=”50″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”50″ last=”false”]1962: Terri Nash
1963: Diane Dixon
1964: Debbie Flanagan
1965: Candi Olson
1966: Susan Hutchinson
1967: Julie Smith
1968: Hillary Coffin
1969: Merritt Woolsey
1970: Melissa McCracken
1971: Jill Henderson
1972: Francie Steinwedell
1973: Vicki Harris
1974: Chrissy Bushkin
1975: Sharon Mills
1976: Kerry Kearn
1977: Carol Hawes
1978: Lise Quintero
1979: Corrinne Boyle
1980: Linda Di Leva
1981: Dia Myers
1982: Mia Wood
1983: Leslie Parker
1984: Caerry Robinson
1985: Dana Mullins
1986: Michelle Howard
1987: Emily Esau
1988: Nicole Cooper
1989: Kate McAbee
1990: Abigail Dachs
1991: Kristin Posehn[/lgc_column]

[lgc_column grid=”50″ tablet_grid=”50″ mobile_grid=”50″ last=”false”]1992: Marri Michou
1993: Kelly Rose
1994: Ashley Herman
1995: Claire Prieto
1996: Britni Belcher
1997: Andrew Ramsay
1998: Kasey Ament
1999: Randy Sherman
2000: Caitlin Chapin
2001: Sophie Benjamin
2002: Whitney Coleman
2003: Julie Weisz
2004: Mavis Spencer
2005: Sage Flynn
2006: Cayla Richards
2007: Corinne Miller
2008: Sydney Callaway
2009: Hannah Von Heidegger
2010: Alexandra Ladove
2011: Sophie Simpson
2012: Tyler Nowell
2013: Katie Aoki
2014: Elli Yeager
2015: Natalie Templeton
2016: Fiona Sewell
2017: Avery Glynn
2018: Avery Kalafatas
2019: Gable Gering
2020: Paige Walkenbach
2021: Sophia Segesman[/lgc_column]

About Onondarka

During the 1930s and 1940s, Onondarka was a small scale Los Angeles Equestrian Center with adult and youth riding groups, rental horses, horses for sale, barns, stalls, stables, and several schooling rings, including a big rodeo sized ring. The Onondarka Riding School is now located in Thermal, CA and although it has changed in size and place, its spirit remains steadfast. Onondarka’s values and philosophy remain constant: responsibility, helpfulness, good sportsmanship, courage, the pursuit of excellence and always the understanding and enjoyment of horses.

About Desert International Horse Park

With nearly 1.6 million square feet of competition and riding space, the Desert International Horse Park is one of the largest equestrian facilities in North America. Offering multiple weeks of world-class equestrian competition from October through March, the facility is a destination location for thousands of equestrians, their horses, family and friends for several months annually. Competitors from all over the world travel to Thermal, CA, to not only compete but to enjoy everything the desert has to offer.