Desert Horse Park is excited to announce a collaboration with HorseGrooms as part of its commitment to the betterment and appreciation of equine caregivers. HorseGrooms is a rapidly growing platform for grooms, created by grooms, with the mission to support all those in the profession, educate, and keep horsemanship alive. These values align with those of DHP as we look to continually provide an exciting and welcoming place for grooms to work. Together, DHP and HorseGrooms want to give grooms a voice, a platform, and a spotlight for all they do in the industry.

HorseGrooms was founded in 2023 with the goal of creating a space where grooms can come together to share knowledge, advice, and support. While most equine journalism focuses on sport and riders, HorseGrooms wants to highlight the important individuals caring for our equine athletes. HorseGrooms focuses on the grooms, their craft, their lives, their mental health, their working conditions, and on equine wellness. Created by grooms and catered specifically for grooms in mind, HorseGrooms offers a variety of features for our niche of the industry.”

HorseGrooms Community

In its founding year, HorseGrooms also established the HorseGrooms Community as a sister platform where grooms truly connect with other grooms as well as event organizations, equine businesses, and equine specialists–in their area and around the world.
“HorseGrooms was always meant to be more than an online place to get top-of-the-industry resources,” said HorseGrooms founder Dinette Neuteboom. “Our vision was to build a true community where grooms can support and cheer each other on.”

Series about Finances, Healthy Eating, and Equine Wellness

Expanding on the tenets of HorseGrooms, the HorseGrooms Community grants exclusive access to educational resources, networking opportunities, and event details. On the HorseGrooms Community, members can take advantage of the HorseGrooms finance, healthy eating, and veterinarian series catered specifically to grooms. But there are also groom spotlights and much more. And the best part? Signing up for these resources is free. Go to to join.

On the @Horse.Grooms Instagram page, HorseGrooms offers even more. Everyone can watch behind-the-scenes videos with famous grooms, celebrate winning grooms and keep track of the latest developments in the HorseGrooms Community.

“We are excited to support what HorseGrooms is doing to improve the experience for grooms both at and beyond our park. In collaboration with HorseGrooms, we look forward to continuing to support and celebrate the hardworking grooms who call the desert home in the winter.”