The Desert International Horse Park (DIHP) in Thermal, California, has been added to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) list of pre-approved events. CFIA is allowing an exception for Canadian horses attending the event to return to Canada with a CFIA import permit.

Further details can be found in the Note for Exporters that will be provided by the CFIA endorsing district office to exporters at the time of health certificate endorsement. This Note for Exporters has been developed as a result of the expected number of horses returning to Canada from this event and provides the exporters with CFIA’s expectations in advance of export to prevent avoidable issues at the Canadian port of entry upon return.

Please note that this exception is applicable if California remains a Vesticular Stomatitis affected state, with import restrictions in place, at the time these horses plan to return to Canada. The horses are expected to be returning to Canada through the following Canadian ports of entry, only: Emerson, MB, Coutts, AB, Pacific Highway, BC and Huntingdon, BC.

The team at DIHP sends thanks to both U.S. Equestrian and Equestrian Canada for their assistance in working with CFIA and USDA to obtain this exception. The park and everyone there looks forward to welcoming Canadian horses and riders in just one week’s time for the kick-off event of the season.

Read the Note for Exporters, which includes instructions for Canadian owners attending any event at DIHP, here.

VS instructions for Canadian owners attending the Desert International Horse Park event DO