Ali Ramsay (CAN) and Conrado 12. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

The Canadian anthem played a second time in the Grand Prix Arena during Desert Circuit VII as Ali Ramsay (CAN) took victory in the $38,700 Ramard CSI3* 1.50m Speed. Aboard Conrado 12, as second to last in the starting order, Ramsay took her second FEI win of the season at Desert International Horse Park (DIHP) on an exciting mount with promise for the future.

“I felt like he was ready to do what I needed him to do today,” she said of Conrado 12, owned by Ramsay Equestrian Inc. “I felt like he was with me for whatever I needed. Every day I jump him he gets scopier, he gets more confident, and he gets better. I think watching him and feeling his progression over the weeks here has been pretty cool for me.”

Ali Ramsay (CAN) and Conrado 12 in their winning presentation. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

Joey Rycroft (CAN) set a challenging track for the international field, and clear rounds were few and far between. Up until Ramsay stepped in, Tali Dejong (USA) led the way with Vaillant De Belle Vue, ultimately taking second place as the class drew to a close. Savannah Jenkins (USA) took third with Comrado, owned by Proper 12 LLC, as the only other clear round.

Ramsay knew there weren’t many clears, so her plan was solid and she clocked in as the only pair clear and within 70 seconds. “Today it felt like I didn’t even need to try,” she said. “He just kicked into another gear and I felt like I was flying.”

Tali Dejong and Vaillant De Belle Vue. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

Ramsay was the 2022 Canadian national champion aboard her mare Bonita Van’t Keizershof Z, but Conrado 12 has been her real superstar emerging during Desert Circuit, despite the 10-year-old Zangersheide gelding (Cardento x Diarado) being a different type for her.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever had a horse like this before,” she remarked. “My type, if you think of Bonita and my horse Lutz I used to have, is small, bloody, and a bit of a lighter type, and I think we’re learning each other more so we’re adapting to each other. He’s a different kind of careful, scopey, power feeling that I don’t think I’ve ever had before. But I like it. I might try to find a couple more like that.”

Savannah Jenkins (USA) and Comrado. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

On Sunday, Ramsay and Conrado 12 will jump only their second 1.50m Grand Prix together, and in the coming weeks, Ramsay will be debuting a new mount at DIHP, one that may echo the success she’s had with Conrado 12. “I think he’s going to be really exciting,” she said of her new horse, arriving this week. “He’s Baltimore x Cardento, and Cardento is ‘Cody’s’ sire, so I guess maybe he has a little Cody in him. I’ve decided I’m a big fan of Cardento.”

Show jumping continues Saturday with the $38,700 Kask CSI3* 1.45m Classic followed by the $50,000 Pyranha National Grand Prix.

Final Results: $38,700 Ramard CSI3* 1.50m Speed

1. CONRADO 12: 2013 ZANG gelding by Cardento x Diarado
ALI RAMSAY (CAN), Ramsay Equestrian Inc.: 0/69.40

2. VAILLANT DE BELLE VUE: 2009 AA gelding by Calin Du Plessis x Peeping Tom A
TALI DEJONG (USA), Tali Dejong: 0/70.82

3. COMRADO: 2011 DSP gelding by Como 25 x Coronado 3
SAVANNAH JENKINS (USA), Proper 12, LLC: 0/76.06

4. FEYON: 2010 KWPN gelding by Zazou R x Hamilton
KAITLIN CAMPBELL (USA), SWS Training & Sales: 4/69.17

5. GALLUP: 2011 KWPN stallion by Hickstead x Rush-Hour
SHAUNA COOK (CAN), Gallup Syndicate: 4/74.12

6. ECHO DE VIRTON: 2010 SBS gelding by Vagabond De La Pomme x Grignoteur De La Fontaine
MARIE VALDAR LONGEM (NOR), Marie Valdar Longem: 4/77.96

7. PASQUINELLE: 2012 Swedish Warmblood gelding by Centaurus x Feliciano
EMILY FITZGERALD (CAN), Emily Fitzgerald: 4/82.29

8. THEO 160: 2012 HOLST gelding by Christian 25 x Calando IV
CONOR SWAIL (IRL), Team Philippaerts: 8/62.94

9. CEROLINO: 2013 HOLST gelding by Cero x Come On
KYLE KING (USA), Strasburg Morin Inc.: 8/68.33

10. CARMELA Z: 2011 ZANG mare by Candillo 3 x Nissan Caretano Z
VANESSA MANNIX (CAN), Vanessa Mannix: 8/70.62

11. CASIANO: 2014 Anglo European gelding by Casino Berlin x Iroko
CHANDLER MEADOWS (USA), Chandler Meadows: 8/73.01

12. LIVESTREAM 2: 2010 OLDBG gelding by Lordanos x Landadel
LISA CARLSEN (CAN), Lisa Carlsen: 12/72.67

A Family Affair: Karli Schroeder Wins USHJA National Hunter Derby – Open

Karli Schroeder and Lighthouse. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

Karli Schroeder had her typical cheering squad on the sidelines Friday of Desert Circuit VII as she won the $10,000 Antares USHJA National Hunter Derby – Open aboard Lighthouse, owned by Rachel Adler. Among those cheering her on during her victory gallop was her husband, show jumper Simon Schroeder, and their daughter, Lena.

“My daughter is a year and a half,” Schroeder said of Lena. “She’s here supporting. She actually came into the prizegiving, but we had to wake her up from her nap in order to come in. I think she enjoyed it; she liked the flowers. She loves all animals. She has two mini ponies and two goats. She did her first leadline two weeks ago and we’re going to do it again tomorrow night before the Grand Prix.”

With the family’s support, Schroeder picked up high scores of 88 and 91 over Michael Roy’s courses, taking the win by a narrow margin. Nick Haness ended up second with Rainie Rose’s True That, while Katrina Karazissis claimed third on Lisa Hankin’s Picnic.

Karli Schroeder and Lighthouse in their winning presentation, pictured with Chantal Long of Antares. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

“I met Lighthouse last year in October,” Shroeder said of the 10-year-old gelding. “He’s a super talented, great guy. [Rachel] has her own farm so I’d go over once a week and get to know the horse. At our first horse show he actually won the national derby. We decided this is what he likes to do. Since then we’ve made it our goal to try to work towards the Friday national derbies. Maybe eventually we’ll do an international [derby].”

Schroeder knew Lighthouse, known as “Vinny” in the barn, would have all the makings of a great derby horse. “He’s super brave,” she continued. “Sometimes the derbies vary in what they put out there. They’ll put a wall or a log, and I never have to worry with him; he’s super confident and very consistent, he doesn’t get surprised by much, which is nice to have in a derby horse. He’s also quite handy; that’s his area of expertise.”

As a new mother, Schroeder has learned the ways motherhood impacts both life and being a professional rider.

“There were adjustments,” she said of adapting to a new lifestyle. “I have so many more responsibilities, so there’s a little more fear than I’ve ever had before. That’s hard. I’ve done this my whole life and I didn’t have too much fear before. But I have a great support team. I’m very blessed for the team that helps get me to the ring. Otherwise I wouldn’t make it.”

Aside from the responsibilities, the horse show provides Schroeder a different setting where she can step away from the mundane tasks of being home and focus more on each individual horse.

“The show is a unique opportunity for me,” she explained. “I have a little more time and can take my time on my horses. At home I’m running around a little more. The show gives me an opportunity to get more focused and give more to the horses.

“But it’s something really fun to share with your family. I have so much fun watching Simon go in the grand prixs and having Lena watch. Anytime I see her on the sidelines it makes me smile and brings a really fun aspect to the shows.”

Later Friday, Avery Glynn took the win in the $10,000 Premier Equine Rehab USHJA National Hunter Derby – Junior/Amateur aboard Prost, owned by Hope Glynn. The duo took a sky-high first-round score of 91 in the first round, followed by a score of 89 for a two-round total of 179. Second place went to Ella Cate Duke and Understudy, while Morgan Garnett and Hugo De Lui claimed third.

Final Results: $10,000 Antares USHJA National Hunter Derby – Open

1. Lighthouse / Karli Schroeder / Rachel Adler / 88 + 91 = 179
2. True That / Nick Haness / Rainie Rose / 91 + 87 = 178
3. Picnic / Katrina Karazissis / Lisa Hankin / 87 + 83 = 170
4. Chaplin / Sara Petersen / Jan O’Brien / 82 + 86 = 168
5. Reign / Corene Smith / Asa Caditz / 79 + 87 = 166
6. Pierre / Samantha Smith / Jennifer Riley / 84 + 81 = 165
7. Sunday Styles / Joie Gatlin / Christina Smith / 89 + 64 = 153
8. Old Times LC / Thomas Schillebeeckx / Red Gate Farm, LLC / 77 + 70 = 147
9. Fair Enough / Alexis Taylor / Aleron LLC / 78 + 64 = 142
10. Derafina R / Tory Bova / Sandra Ledbetter / 86.5 + 48 = 134.5
11. Picasso / Kassidy Keith / Emma Wynters / 81 + 46 = 127
12. Paperboy / Chad Mahaffey / Brighton Farms / 78.5


Amelie Bak and Iron Will Prevail in $5,000 USHJA Pony Hunter Derby

Amelie Bak and Iron Will in their winning presentation, pictured with Tom Rattigan of G2 Insurance. Photo by High Desert Sport Photo

Ponies had their chance to shine Friday afternoon, taking to Hunter 7 for the $5,000 G2 Insurance USHJA Pony Hunter Derby. Out of 24 ponies, it was Iron Will with Amelie Bak aboard taking the win on a total score of 159.

“We’ve been together for about five years now, so I’ve had him for a long time,” Bak said of her relationship with Iron Will. “He’s a very good boy; he’s very honest. My second round [today] was good. He was a bit quick in the first round but he still scored well. And then in the handy, I took all the inside turns and he did everything I asked.”

The partnership has solidified throughout the five years they have been together, and Friday’s win was further evidence they have come a long way. “I got him from a breeder in Kelowna, BC,” Bak shared. “He was still pretty green when I bought him and I’ve brought him up over the years. He’d done some dressage. He’s now done lots of jumping; he’s done everything and been everywhere. He’s super chill and always lazy. He’s a pleaser. He loves treats and attention. He’s super social.”

The pair had won a derby together at Thunderbird Show Park, but this is their second victory in five pony derby appearances.

“It’s a great opportunity for everyone to be able to compete in a bigger class, especially on a pony,” Bak remarked. “I think it’s great that they do this. It gives all the kids an opportunity to compete in a derby. In the bigger derbies, I don’t think the kids have as much opportunity.”

Final Results: $5,000 G2 Insurance USHJA Pony Hunter Derby

1. Iron Will / Amelie Bak / Amelie Bak / 75 + 84 = 159
2. Anderin’s Momento / Charli Prager / Linmar LLC / 78 + 80 = 158
3. Celebration / Kathryn Padilla / Highland Farm, LLC / 74 + 83 = 157
4. Best Summer / India Kulkin / India Kulkin / 77 + 77 = 154
5. Northwind After Eight / Hazel McLean / Hazel McLean / 76 + 74 = 150
6. Covenant Beau’s Secret / Sienna Smith / Sienna Smith / 84 + 65 = 149
7. Paperback Writer / Piper Kulkin / Piper Kulkin / 72 + 75 = 147
8. Jimmy Choo / Trinity Hall / ST Ranch LLC / 82 + 60 = 142
9. Picante / Presley Stocks / Presley Stocks / 71 + 63 = 134
10. Why Not? / Chloe Enyon / KHC Farms, Inc. / 83 + 50 = 133
11. Covenant Top Secret / Charli Prager / Linmar LLC / 73 + 55 = 128
12. Ribbon’s Glenn / India Kulkin / India Kulkin / 70 + 54 = 124