Ponies to Podium Donor Program


At the Desert International Horse Park, the height of the jump does not determine the importance of the achievement. Whether you’re an adult amateur riding a “Puddle Jumper” class (0.65m), a pony rider navigating a cross-rail class, or an up-and- coming professional making your Grand Prix debut, we strive to make your DIHP experience memorable. We believe accomplishments are never bound by height restrictions.

We also recognize the value of providing opportunities for individuals and organizations to supporting athletic achievements across all levels of sport. You need not be a corporate-level sponsor to show your support of equestrian athletes: welcome to our Ponies-to-Podium (P2P) Donor Program.

Ask most top-level riders and they’ll vividly recall their “firsts”: first show, first ribbon, first championship award.
Our Ponies-to-Podium (P2P) program focuses on riders competing up to a maximum height of 2’6″ or 0.85m. Many riders at this level, regardless of their age, are making their show ring debut, and this represents a huge achievement in and of itself.

As a P2P donor, your support helps to create long-lasting memories for riders across the continuum of sport development. Whether you support a division at one show or an entire circuit, or a single specialty class or event, your contribution goes a long way to recognizing these amazing athletes

Grand Champion Donor: $10,000

Your donation provides championship ribbons and awards for an entire P2P-eligible division at the Desert Circuit in 2024.
Prize-giving opportunities throughout the Circuit with family and friends
P2P Donor Wall recognition
Up to three (3) social media mentions Priority VIP table booking access (e.g. Major League Show Jumping events)
DIHP souvenir


  • Walk Equitation
  • Child or Adult Eq 2’3″ Walk-Trot Equitation
  • Children’s Hunter Pony Walk-Trot Hunter
  • Low Child Hunter 2’6″
  • Cross-Rail Equitation
  • Cross-Rail Hunter
  • Stirrup Equitation (18″)
  • Stirrup Hunter (18″)
  • Adult or Child Hunter 2′
  • Child/Adult Equitation 2′
  • Child or Adult Hunter 2’3″ Low Adult Hunter 2’6″
  • Child or Adult Eq 2’6″
  • Small Rated Ponies
  • Medium Rated Ponies
  • Puddle Jumpers (0.65m)
  • Non-Pro 0.70m
  • Non-Pro 0.80m

Champion Donor: $5,000

Your donation provides championship ribbons and awards for six (6) weeks of any P2P-eligible division at the Desert Circuit in 2024.
Sponsor a P2P-eligible speciality class (single event) or series of classes (offered each week).
Prize-giving opportunities P2P Donor Wall recognition
One (1) social media mention DIHP souvenir


  • DIHP Family Hunter under Saddle Class
  • 2’-2’3” Child/Adult Hunt & Go Derby
  • 2’3″-2’6″ Child/Adult Hunt & Go Derby
  • Hunter Classics (all 12 weeks)
  • Junior Divisions to 2’6″ plus Rated Ponies
  • Amateur Divisions to 2’6″
  • Legis Mini Medal 2’ (all 12 weeks)
  • Legis Cornerstone Medal 2’3″ (all 12 weeks)
  • Jumper Classics (all 12 weeks) 0.75m Jumper Non-Pro
  • 0.85m Jumper Non-Pro

Reserve Champion Donor: $2,500

Your donation provides special recognition for
Judge’s Choice Hunter Ride-of-the-Day Awards P2P competitors who demonstrate blue-ribbon
sportsmanship and perseverance.
Judge’s Choice Jumper Ride-of-the-Day Awards OR
P2P Social events, such as:
Provide opportunities for P2P competitors and their families to get to know their fellow riders outside of the show ring.
P2P Donor Wall recognition DIHP souvenir


  • Pony Ring Sportsmanship Awards
  • Opportunity Ring Sportsmanship Awards Valentine’s Day Candy Bar Big Dreams & Ice Cream Day Ringside Crafts for Kids
  • Mimosa’s for Moms Morning
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