Corporate Sponsorship Program

With an unparalleled media platform, the most beautiful competition arenas, and a home with all horses and visitors onsite, DIHP can reach a luxury, passionate customer, and therefore is the ultimate place to showcase and build your brand.

Sponsorship has become recognized as an effective marketing mechanism that can promote positive brand affinity, build brand awareness, drive overall traffic, promote new products and service lines, and reach target consumers on a more unique and meaningful level.

The demographic attending DIHP frequents high-end purchases and experiences. Our competitors are passionate about the sport and how they spend their lives, they are loyal, educated, and will pay more for quality.

    Sponsorship at DIHP offers a unique opportunity to engage an extremely attractive demographic through a rich combination of experiential, media and branding assets integrated into a powerful custom program.



    • Promote positive brand affinity
    • Build brand awareness
    • Drive overall traffic
    • Promote new products and service lines
    • Reach target consumers on a more unique and meaningful level
    • Enjoy the ultimate experience with front-row access at the horse show
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